How Butcher Selections Came to Be

Butcher Selections is our Online Butchery that stems from our Physical Store – Picton Prime Meats.

Picton Prime Meats opened on the 7th of April, 2017.

When I was creating the goals, ambitions and the business plan for Picton Prime Meats, We kept coming back to one key motive – Families. Ideas stemming from families were the cost of living, affordability and health. And it was those ideas running through my mind that created the slogan for Picton Prime Meats, “Premium Meats – Affordable Prices”.

I was happy with the concept, but not completely satisfied. There seemed to be something missing from my motive. What else could we do to help families? And the answer to that was convenience. And that is what lead to Butcher Selections and its slogan – Premium Meats Delivered to Your Door.  

With the cost of living rising and many families needing to be a two income household – families time is mainly divided between time together and work. Delivery was an option to help save families time, and save them money on their grocery bill.

When we decided to move forward with an online butchery, We created the 3 Tiered Meat Boxes (Frugal Family Feed, Family Prime Meat Box, and the Premium Family Meat Box) and sold them locally for Pick-up and Delivery – a somewhat trial for the online store. It was good preparation for the staff members learning how to work efficiently organising the meat, vacuum-packing, labelling and boxing our products whilst still looking after our customers in our shop-front.

Butcher Selections launched online on the 20th of October, 2017.

We had Affordability – Via our Meat Boxes
We had Health – Supplying Premium Products
We had Convenience – Delivering to the Doorstep

There was one more aspect we wanted to add to Butcher Selections – Flexibility with Payment. And that was where I made the decision to include AfterPay and ZipPay as payment methods alongside PayPal and Credit/Debit Card.

Through Butcher Selections customers are assured satisfaction with the quality, presentation and delivery of our products. We offer a wide selection of products including Stir-fry’s, Ready-Made Chicken Products, Pre-Cooked Family Pies and over 10 Flavours of Gourmet Sausages.

The Affordability, Premium Product, Convenience, and Flexibility is why customers choose us here at  


Written by Prue Charles